A Cozier Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen Puts the Focus on Quality Brews

(SPOT.ph) Even the most successful restaurants can benefit from a reset every now and then. Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen has been serving quality coffee and comfort food since 2017, but they’ve recently changed things up with a fresh, updated look, a new signature blend, and more hearty classics.

If you’ve been hanging around Greenbelt recently, you may have spotted the presence of a bright blue restaurant near the cinemas. Anyone familiar with the coffee scene would recognize this as the new face of Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen. Where its former look had a more industrial aesthetic, Bluesmith’s renovation embraces a homier look—with indoor plants, relaxed décor and periwinkle blue interiors working together to create a charming nook.

Stepping into their revamped space feels like being welcomed into an airy, well-lit living room. Even the menu speaks to an honest and familiar understanding of food, like someone gathered all our favorite dishes from childhood and improved their flavors, one by one.

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen’s menu has a wide range, meaning we’re just as likely to find tapsilog as fish and chips here. “It’s a global mix of what you would define as comfort food,” says marketing director Pauline Del Val. They have a little something for everyone, from pancakes and waffles to hearty pasta and fortifying mains.

Their newly improved branch at Greenbelt 3 puts its specialty coffee front and center. Coffee lovers would be happy to learn that the professional coffee makers behind El Union Coffee and Type A have collaborated to create a special blend just for Bluesmith: it has a flavor profile that features honey, candied citrus, notes of fresh peach, dark caramel—so soothing you’d want to sigh in contentment after getting a taste.

It wouldn’t be a proper visit to Bluesmith if you didn't have a cup or two. Dial things back with a Cappuccino (P150) or a Dirty Chai (P160) to keep things simple.

If you’re in the mood for something more indulgent, the Cream Cheese Mocha (P180) is every bit as heavenly as it sounds. The cream on top slowly dissolves into the drink, with thick and lusciously rich chocolate bursts punctuating each sip.

If you're looking for something filling to go with your brew, give the Creamy Pasta Tartufo (P380) a try. The distinctive earthiness of black truffle shines through the butter and cream without being too intense, while the baguette chips provide a neutral counterpoint in between bites.

Of course, any restaurant with a knack for food that invites you to linger should have certain breakfast staples perfected down to an art form. Bluesmith’s Chicken & Waffles (P360) is a classic savory-sweet combination that complement each other really well. Generous portions of boneless chicken are fried evenly, the audible crunch of skin giving way to juicy meat within. On the same plate are golden waffles made entirely from scratch: soft and delicate on the inside, with a beautiful, slightly brown crisp along the edges. It's no surprise their waffles made it on top of our best waffles list.

Their sweet waffles are a standout, too—you can still order their old bestsellers, the Dark Choco Churro Waffle (P280) and the Blueberry & Liquid Cheesecake Waffle (P280).

Soft and tender squares of beef lend a balanced flavor to the Tenderloin Beef Salpicao (P420), which hits all the right notes of saltiness and umami. Toasted garlic is scattered over a heap of white rice, ringed with marbled potatoes and peas, carrots, and corn—all in all, a rave-worthy main that seals the deal.

For a sweet ending, Grandmas Bread Pudding (P260) is a well-textured dessert made using assorted pastries and anointed with a silky crème anglaise; a dollop of ice cream provides the perfect foil to the warmth of this homemade pudding.

When it comes to offering variety in your options for what to pair with an excellent cup of coffee, one thing’s for sure: Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen rises to the occasion with belly-warming satisfaction.

Photos by Marikit Singson

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