About Us

We know how it goes. Your days are fully booked. You’re constantly pushed to step out of your comfort zone. You keep your mind and your hands occupied, because you’ve been taught that idle time is wasted time.

But time spent seeking comfort after (or in the middle of) a long, hard day is hardly “idle”. It is a necessity.

And we want make sure you always have that time and space to think. To breathe. To be comforted.

That’s why we’re here, welcoming you with open arms and open doors. Here at Bluesmith, comfort is our maker’s markour signature. Every cup of coffee and every dish we create has that touch of familiar comfort. While we may have added a few artistic flourishes here and there, everything we craft is always grounded on the flavors and aromas that provide nothing but warm, comforting goodness time and time again.

No matter what kind of comfort you’re seeking, you’ll find it in our extensive coffee collection and food selection.

So come on in, pull up a chair, and find your comfort at Bluesmith.